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und weil er sich dreht, kehrt der Wind zurück

World premiere in January 2013

und weil er sich dreht, kehrt der Wind zurück

a dance installation by Anna Konjetzky

Konjetzky’s dance installation sends the audience on a guided tour through Jerusalem. It is a city tour without dates and sights, an abstract journey, an associative course that creates an atmospheric cityscape with the means of dance, light, video and sound. A picture of narrow alleys, surprising passages, the rapid flashing of a dome, the quick glance at a group of dancers* inside, at a crumbling graffiti. In the installation, the viewer moves between – partly movable – walls, which sometimes open the way, sometimes cut it off, separate the dancers* from each other or divide the audience. In fast light cuts rooms, images, bodies appear and disappear again. Like layers, the individual media (choreography, video, installation) glide over each other and merge into a quasi-filmic cityscape.

“und weil er sich dreht, kehrt der Wind zurück” is my attempt to take up the principles of Jerusalem and translate them into my language. What is striking is that the city is not only a real existing place, but also an intellectual one. A place that creates in most people ad hoc longings, images, opinions, feelings, in this respect the piece is also a journey into the mind of every spectator.”
(A. Konjetzky)


Choreographer, Space: Anna Konjetzky // Dance: Viviana Defazio, Marie-Laure Fiaux, Sahra Huby, Paolo Baccarani, Matteo Guillin, Paul Hess, Damiaan Veens // Music: Emmanuel Witzthum // Light: Barbara Westernach // Video: Marc Stephan // Photo and Video Material: Anna Konjetzky // Project Coordination: Sabina Stücker // Technical Director: Alexander Al Akkam

Partners & Support

Funded by the Department of Culture of the City of Munich and the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.


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Tafelhalle Nürnberg
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Muffathalle München
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