Anna Konjetzky & Co


World Premiere in November 2012


a cyclical work

“Filter” is a cyclical work with many layers; layers that seem to rot from the inside out when they are combined. “Filter” uses dance, sound and live camera. A duo of two fused bodies and their shadows/offsets; two bodies stuck together like parasites without revealing which one of them is the one moving or leading, and what propels this heavy body mass in motion. I am interested in showing the movement and physicality of matter: the gurgling of the stomach, the nodes in the abdomen, the beating of the heart, the throbbing of the blood, the tension of the muscles, spasms… A continuous sound collage overlays the entire happening and fills the space. A whole collection of political speeches can be heard, which are interlaced, mixed, superimposed. Sound collage and dance enter into a dynamic relationship, or rather stand out against each other. Whenever the bodies are stuck, the voice push further, or the other way around; or everything quiets down for a brief moment. “Filter” is a cycle in which layer follows upon layer, again and again, with one layer overlaying the other or “undermining” it. A cycle that rots from the inside out and yet remains alive: while listening to the speeches, the projections already seem to make them fade away; while watching the body mass transform, a space opens in the back to reveal a “shadow presence.”


Choreographer, Stage Design, Light, Sound: Anna Konjetzky // Dance: Sahra Huby, Mu-yi Kuo, Viviana Defazio, Katrin Schafitel // Video: Marc Stephan

Partners & Support

Funded by the Bayerischen Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz (BLZT). A coproduction of Tanzhaus NRW and the artist house 2angles, Flers.


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11. – 12.1.2013
Festival temps d images, tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf
Tanztage Regensburg
München Muffatwerk
Tanzhaus Düsseldorf
11. – 21.5.2012
Düsseldorf Tanzhaus Residenz