Anna Konjetzky & Co

artistic universe

Artistic Universe

I work as a choreographer, researcher and facilitator, and I am driven by the desire and need to understand body in its contexts, body as a construction and as a relational piece of being.

My work happens within a socio-political research, driven by a queer-feminist perspective.My starting point is often a very concrete topic and situation, and a very pedestrian body. A contemporary body, being formed, educated, represented in our contemporary context, working with this body in contemporary dance means for me: understanding the body as a way of reflecting, and experiencing, dis-linking the body from habits, norms, and codes, rewriting, and creating new references, starting transformation practices and ways of resistance.
I work and engage in an artistic field, of expanded choreography, creating dance pieces, installations, research formats, try-out zones, practices, readings..: like a net, where different collaborations, approaches and settings forming a nourishing system.
As Anna Konjetzky & Co I collaborate with a core group of artists on longterm collaborations.

Three axes form the core of my artistic universe.

One axe is the creating of pieces and works: thinking of these works as a proposal for a dialogue, and seeing stage works, as a collective moment of looking through a microscope together.
( as the concentrated space of a theater functions like a microscope for me, and keeps calling me)
And then there is a large zone of artistic research, with and among other artists and specific places, which means contextualising the research within a concrete setting.
The Nomadic Academy, founded in 2019, is one of these longterm research formats, working as a platform to unfold questions around queerness, visibility, alliances and care, together with a core group in Munich reaching out to other cities and arts communities as well as to communities and citizans within theose cities.
The last axe is the facilitation of meetings and exchanges, knowledge and practice sharing. This last axe occurs mainly in the Playground, a space for dialogue and artistic research, which I am renting since 2019, and activates as Playground Gbr together with Munich based dance-makers, Sahra Huby, Quindell Orton and Susanne Schneider.
These three axes form an artistic entity that morphs permanently but also bridges from more theoretical discourse to physical inquiries and try-out.