Anna Konjetzky


Since 2005 Anna Konjetzky creates dance-pieces and dance-installations, where the questioning and organization of the space is always very central.

Her work has been shown for example at Spielart, Dance, Tanzwerkstatt Munich, Unidram Potsdam, Tanztage Regensburg, Festival Danse Balsa Marni Bruxelles, in Salzburg, Warsaw, Kampala, Nairobi, Hanoi, Istanbul, Gent, Brazil, Panama, Pakistan…

Her dance-installation „Abdrücke“ was invited in 2012 to the Tanzplattform Germany.

At the moment she receives a 3 years support of the city of Munich, and creates her work since 2014 in collaboration with Kammerspiele München.

The choreographer and artist Anna Konjetzky studied at the physical theaterschool “Lassaad” (Methode J. Lecoq) in Brussels as well as contempory dance, and bodyweather in Brussels and Berlin.

From 2005 to 2008 she worked as the assistent of the choreographer Wanda Golonka at schauspielfrankfurt.

She recieved several prizes and schoolarships. F.ex:

2006 the dance stipendia from Senate Office Berlin for Germaine Acogny/Senegal, 2011 the dance-schoolarship oft he city of Munich.

In 2009 she wins the competition ‚operare’ of the Contemporary Opera Berlin, During the festival euro-scene Leipzig 2009, „Elephantengedächtnis“ her Solo for the dancer Sahra Huby wins the 1.prize of the competition „Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo“.

2013 she was nominated for the Georg Tabori Preis 2013, and from 2012 to 2014 she takes part in the project ‚global city- local city“ with 15 european artist.

In 2014 Anna Konjetzky recieves the Förderpreis Tanz der Landeshauptstadt München