Anna Konjetzky & Co

Quindell Orton


Quindell works as an independent dancer, choreographer, teacher and facilitator in Australia and Europe. She graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2009 with First Class Honours and a member of Link Dance Company. She has worked with the likes of Anna Konjetzky, Superyoutour, Club Guy and Roni and Chrissie Parrott amongst others.

She works with Serena Chalker as Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre, a company with a focus on improvisation and site alternative performance. Quindell’s work has been featured at the Process Space Art Festival-PSAF (BU), Nomadic Village (UK), Edinburgh Fringe (UK), Perth Fringe World (AU), Adelaide Fringe (AU), Short + Sweet Dance Festival (AU), MoveMe Festival (AU), Springhouse (DE) and CADAM’s HiSTOREy’s (DE). Her work has a keen interest in improvisation and interactive and immersive art. She was named Most Outstanding Female Performer at the Short + Sweet Dance Festival 2012 for her critically acclaimed solo 216.