Uraufführung 28.5.2018, DAAD festival Bratislava

a brainstorming-playground

the set of TESTLAUF is a space, that invites people to hang out, lie down, chat, meet, dance, play, listen to music, etc…..and have a drink together.

After having done this work as a performance during SPIELART 2015, we continued questioning and developing it, and created a second, far more interesting version, as an ongoing installation: a brainstorming-playground:

In this set we will propose and let go. Think and explore together, around how we use the space together, (this space concretely and this space as a model of an urban setting) how we create communities, how we share….

We invite the people to tours through the space, dance sessions, concerts, discussion moments amongst us and with some invited experts from the field of urbanism and community.

The space is open the whole day shifting from guided to not guided momentums.