about a session

Uraufführung 25.1.2018, Kammerspiele München


by Anna Konjetzky

The term session means a meeting that is limited in time. Borders and rules are established, stretched or repealed in order to make new experiences and knowledge possible. The new piece by the choreographer Anna Konjetzky, who resides in Munich, addresses the about – and sessions as such. Being distant and being involved are not a contradiction.

ABOUT A SESSION melds sensual experience and analysis, and is thus an act of contemplation about and with bodies. Can reflecting on or discussing arousal actually arouse? Can it stimulate the audience’s sexual fantasies?

How does the audience gaze at the dancers? Which movements, words and gazes stimulate? Which gazes sexualize the performing bodies? And what moments sexualize the present and observing audience members?

Just like when one surfs and googles on the internet, imagination and projections are roused. This then allows for the possibility of following a motif or drifting off. Elements of a lecture performance arise. With their bodies, the dancers explore their own relationship between desire and arousal. A voice from the outside describes the situation, also observes the audience, offers information, directions and images, lets the action continue on video, goes from there back on stage and is translated into movements by the dancers for the audience. In the audience’s minds, a number of images of desire overlap in the contradiction or the doubling of word and image. In thinking about and with the body, analysis and sensual experience intertwine.


  • chorégraphie
    • Anna Konjetzky
  • danse
    • Sahra Huby, Quindell Orton, Maxwell McCarthy, Victor Perez Armero
  • video
    • René Liebert
  • scène
    • Hannes Hartmann und Leonie Mohr
  • dramaturgie
    •  Bastian Zimmermann
  • musique
    • Sergej Maingardt
  • coordination
    • Sabine Klötzer – SISK