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A dancepiece by Anna Konjetzky with music from Sergej Maingardt for a teenage audience from 15 +

Out is a work that starts as a concerts and end in a party.

The piece is happening among the audience. with 10 dancers and 4 musicians we are questioning the rules, the behavirous in this space, creating groups, playing cool, loosing it, until pulling bit by bit everybody into a comonn party.

During the 50 minutes of perfromances ( followed by an open end party) we work with questions like: How do we find together? Do people watch me? Am I in the center oft he action? Do I look stupid? Can I really go wild? Who do I like in the group? Who is in? Who is out? Who ist he star?

Can I count on the others?Where ist he control of this evening? This ambiance? The starting party?

‚out’ is a dance piece searching the borders betwwen daring, standing out, beeing part, beeing out, show and hide, motivating the others, creating something togetehr, creating a party together for the dancers and the audience.



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