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Die Summe der Öffnungen (“The sum of openings”)

World premiere January 10, 2010, Muffathalle Munich

Die Summe der Öffnungen (“The sum of openings”)

a dance piece by Anna Konjetzky

In Anna Konjetzky’s “Die Summe der Öffnungen,” five dancers move about the top of an almost four meter high stage construction that drops down on two sides. A “mountain” with stairs and steps, corners and edges, with niches, platforms and holes. A space architecture that forms, forces and challenges the movements of the dancers; and thus it becomes part of the choreography. A choreography that resembles the dance of Sisyphus: you cannot escape from the “mountain,” as stairs are leading into the nowhere or back to the top; bodies are swallowed up, fragmented and yet manage to return to the surface and start over.

“I drew inspiration for this work through my fascination that people again and again manage to create living space anywhere. How a living space is created under the strangest, most absurd and horrific conditions, and in such places. How the body conquers centimeter after centimeter, fights for the right for space. This dance piece may not be completely unlike life on a garbage heap.”
(A. Konjetzky)


Choreography, Scene: Anna Konjetzky // Dance: Daniel Bear Davis, Marie-Laure Fiaux, Paul Hess, Sahra Huby, Katrin Schafitel // Music: Laura Konjetzky // Stage design: Anton Lukas // Video: Marc Stephan // Light: Barbara Westernach

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Funded by the Department of Culture of the City of Munich and Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.


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