Anna Konjetzky & Co

THE VERY MOMENT // Bayerische Rundfunk Kulturwelt

This piece allows the view of the world through the body

Bayerische Rundfunk Kulturwelt, 21.12.2018 // Author Katharina Huebel-Gohr

(…) One of the best moments is: when the five dancers don’t dance. The stand-still – in the true sense of the word – becomes an extreme physical experience: the dancers freeze on the balls of their feet, one of the human body’s smallest possible surfaces to stand on. The goal: not to move. Quindell Orton is the “pro endurance dancer” – her immobile solo, a speaking tableau, takes around five minutes. She reports of burning joints and a sweat-drenched back, and she knows how to describe worst-case scenarios in an amusing way. (…)

An anatomically magnificent and varied Sahra Huby, who manages to create true dance from the physical experiment while bringing together scientific interest into movement and body flow. (…) Instead of schadenfreude: the joy of movement. Anna Konjetzky contrasts sensual staggering and stumbling with the battle against one’s own body: “The very Moment” is rich in discoveries and stimulating. It is a piece of intelligent, precise dance theater.

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