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Über die Wut //

ABOUT ANGER, 14. Juni 2021 // Author: Jeannette Andersen
For her new piece, Über die Wut (About Anger), Anna Konjetzky chose a traditional stage — at the Münchner Kammerspiele —

The solo, danced by the fabulous freelance dancer Sahra Huby, was spellbinding. Huby’s register of anger spanned cartoon-like movements, repressed anger that distorted the body, anger that welled up from her toes and tried to escape through her mouth, aggressive typically masculine gestures and much more. Scenes of violent demonstrations, such as those for Black Lives Matter, and of refugees trying to climb the wall between Mexico and the United States, were projected upstage on white banners because, as Konjetzky explained in her artist talk, we are living in a world of anger.