Anna Konjetzky & Co

Musiker und Producer

Genre crossing/ blending percussionist/ drummer working from a classically trained ear via jazz drumming, free improv and all sorts of contemporary musics towards his own realms in music and performance. Being a teenager in the mid eighties of the 20th century, for him, as for many of his generation, multi disciplinarily is an evidence.

From his first moments of active musicianship up until now, Eric Thielemans always has been interested in performing arts, theatre, poetry and dance. Consequently he has worked with a wide range of (sound and visual) artists, performers and dancers.

Currently plays in lidlboj (Jozef Dumoulin’s eclectic post jazz playgarden), Jozef Dumoulin trio with Trevor Dunn on bass, Tape Cuts Tape (a trio with Rudy Trouvé known as founding member of dEUS and Lynn Cassiers aka singer of lidlboj), rops, snare et les autres (concert/ballad) with Josse De Pauw, Rudy Trouvé, and Wim Lots, The Love Substitutes, Jean-Yves Evrard’s trio, Kaat Helling’s band and his own EARR (Ensemble Artists Repertoire Research) with Claron Mc Fadden, Jean-Yves Evrard, Peter Jacquemyn, Jozef Dumoulin, Hilary Jeffery and Jorgen Cassier.

Other collaborations and work in progress include following artists: Alexander Berne, James Harrar (Cinema Soloriens) and Marshall Allen (Sun Ra), Daysuke Takaoka, and Louise Landes Levi.

For the past 3 years he has been focussing on the development of a body of solo works on percussion. His first acclaimed solo work “a Snare is a Bell” was released on vinyl in 2008 on the Antwerp based label Ultra Eczema (UE49). In 2009 another cd-r with solo works was released on ET’s own OORWERK label.
In March 2012 his a Snare is a Bell cycle including his former solo piece and a new ensemble approach of the work entitled EARR plays a Snare is a Bell will be released as a double cd on Subrosa.
Besides this work Eric Thielemans is active as a producer and teacher/coach. In 2011 he produced “Hit of The Century”, Kaat Hellings’ new release. In the past ET produced both albums of Ghalia Benali’s “Romeo & Laila” and Maak’s Spirit’s “Stroke”. Eric was the drummer of the adventurous avant Jazz band Maak’s Spirit for 9 years until March 2008 and before that of the Ben Sluys Quartet for 7 years.