und weil er sich dreht, kehrt der Wind zurück

A Jerusalem-project. A dance-installation.

Première en janvier 2013

Anna Konjetzky’s latest dance installation “und weil er sich dreht, kehrt der Wind zurück” sends out the audience to a city tour through Jerusalem. It is a tour without dates and monuments, an abstract trip, an associative parcours that uses dance, light, video and sound to create an atmospheric cityscape: an image of narrow alleys, unexpected passages, a flash of a dome, a glance of a group of dancers, of a crumbling graffiti.

The spectators move about the installation, between walls – some of them are moveable – that reveal or cut off the way, that separate the dancers from each other or from the spectators. Fast light changes make rooms, images,and bodies appear and disappear again. Like layers, the single media (choreography, video, installation) slide over each other and in their smooth flow they merge into an almost cinematic cityscape. Without ever quite grasping it, it creates a pulsating rhythm that runs through the entire piece and that creates a fragile yet unstable equilibrium.


  • chorégraphie, espace
    • Anna Konjetzky
  • danse
    • Viviana Defazio, Marie-Laure Fiaux, Sahra Huby, Paolo Baccarani, Matteo Guillin, Paul Hess, Damiaan Veens
  • musique
    • Emmanuel Witzthum
  • video
    • Marc Stephan
  • lumière
    • Barbara Westernach
  • matériel photos et video
    • Anna Konjetzky
  • coordination
    • Sabina Stücker
  • directeur technique
    • Alexander Al Akkam


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