In „TESTLAUF“ I want to send the dancers together with the spectators into a kind of test area. I want to create this work as a sort of pilot project in which, the audience are the test persons for new spacesituations and new communities.

I want to work with an open space that does not give a clear direction from the beginning but that transforms little by little, always changing directions, creating closures and narrowing, creating always new spaces and situations for the dancers and spectators, new obstacles, and thus at the same time new associations and new narratives.

TESTLAUF is constructed like an activ thinking about public space and community in urban structures.


  • choreography, scene
    • Anna Konjetzky
  • dance
    • Sahra Huby, Quindell Orton, Sara Sampelayo, Damiaan Veens, Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos
  • music
    • Brendan Dougherty, Miguel Casaponsa
  • project coordination
  • scene, technical director
    • Sophia Soehner


TESTLAUF - Kultur vollzug/Kulturvollzug

TESTLAUF - Kultur vollzug