Die Wunderkammer

(The Cabinet of Wonders)

A dance piece for children at the Hessische Landestheater Marburg
by Anna Konjetzky

World premiere on 28 January 2012

A visit in the head of an inventor: What happens if you tie a ball to a string, let it then swing into a bottle that topples over and consequently hits a board? The board might fall against a big balloon filled with confetti that then bursts? Or it might fly through the air and unexpectedly land in a bathtub? Three friends invent the world and turn it upside down. Their ingenuity makes bicycles fly, music boxes play and animals come alive. Following new leads the three get surprised and disappointed, enchanted and transformed, because anything seems possible in the cabinet of wonders. Almost anything at least. Sometimes something goes awry. No matter what, it is thrilling when the big apparatus made from building material is set in motion and the world suddenly turns topsy-turvy with old materials morphing into something novel.


    • Sahra Huby, Oda Zuschneid und Ogün Derendeli
  • scene, costume
    • Anton Lukas
  • sound
    • Joachim Steffenhagen


Oberhessische Presse, 02.02.2012

Eine Wunderkammer für Kinderfantasien