Luna Park

Shifting from the trivial to the enigmatic
On the discovery of the banality in cities

“Luna Park” is the metaphor for the sheer quantity of images and impressions to which people are exposed in metropolises; a “crazy” world, an amusement park of the superficial, the loss of the needed leisureliness. The human drifts through and surrenders to the flood of images. The co-production partners BIS (Body Process Arts Association - Istanbul) and artscenico performing arts (Dortmund) in cooperation with Anna Konjetzky (Munich) create the theme “City life - stress and contemplation, tradition and modernity.”

A dance and theatre co-production of artscenico performing arts, Theater im Depot, the Istanbul Festival „Amber” and Anna Konjetzky from Munich, that was present in each of this three cities in 2010.

  • 6. – 7.11.2010
    Luna Park
    Istanbul Amber Festival
  • 28. – 29.10.2010
    Luna Park
    München - “Dance” Festival
  • 17. – 18.6.2010
    Luna Park
    Dortmund - Theater im Depot