dann still

(then silent)

A music dance theater piece by Anna Konjetzky
Volker Staub, Daniel Smutny and Max Kaminski

The music theatre piece “dann still” was inspired by the novel “The Sister” by Malgorzata Saramonowicz. Three voices that are initially diffuse unfurl the history of the “sister”: of a pregnant woman in a coma, of a brother, of a husband - relationships shaped by violence, fear, ignorance and oblivion. The permeability of the body, of the skin - to render the body silent - the lost, forgotten body - the oscillation of the body, live and in video sequences. Separating transparent and reflecting stage constructions. Worlds of music like different layers of awareness - sound movements - sounds of sirens, archaic rhythms, electronic sound fragments, soft noises, silence.


  • choreography, space, light, stage design
    • Anna Konjetzky
    • Volker Staub
    • Daniel Smutny
    • Max Kaminski
  • dance
    • Sahra Huby
  • video
    • Marc Stephan