Tagebuch – si un jour tu décides de partir

A dance piece by Anna Konjetzky

World premiere on 17 July 2008

The dance is like the interweaving of anecdotal remembering, being able or wanting to remember, having premonitions: dance like an entry in a journal.

It’s a dance of fragments-alone, in twos and threes. Again and again these fragments are released, dropped, forgotten or resurface at another place; Like in a journal each moment bears a kind of truth that can be easily dismissed. Yet again the same things and thoughts, wishes, dreams and fears surface and fade away again.

“Journal - si un jour tu décides de partir” is a very intimate, personal dance theatre.


  • choreographie, scene
    • Anna Konjetzky
  • dance
    • Sahra Huby, Hilde Broeckhove/(Madeleine Fournier)
  • music
    • Peter Jacquemyn
  • light
    • Michael Bischoff
  • projection, video
    • Chris Kondek


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